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Algebra Interactive session

This is an opportunity to revisit the foundations of some algebraic topics such as :

• Simplifying expressions Example: simplify 5p – (p - q)

• Expanding and factorising Example: factorise 4a3b – 12a

• Solving Equations Example: solve (x – 3 ) / 5 = 2

• Rearranging formulae Example: make r the subject of S = 2πr


These topics may underpin mathematical aspects of your course so this is your chance to deepen your understanding of algebra and increase your confidence.

Here are some of the reasons for becoming fluent in algebra:


Friday, 18th January 2019
10:00 - 12:00
NEW - KL0.07B Learning Development Zone, Ground Floor, Kimberlin.
  Foundation in Algebra     Revising Algebra  
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