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How can student use assistive software to advance their digital capabilities and engage with their work? - Jina Ali (LLS)

A category of digital literacy is computer/technology literacy, which is the ability to use computers and related software. In regards to Assistive software, student understandably may never have used it before coming to DMU. Assistive Technology (AT) training is therefore an important aspect of our services. However, AT software does not work in isolation from other applications. These are tools that help students to access resources and to complete their assignments successfully. It is therefore important to show the compatibility and interactive aspects of our AT software to understand how students can use AT software to engage with their assignment.


This workshop will show you how a student can utilise multiple AT software and Microsoft Office products to complete tasks. By learning how software can work together, users can move from a basic operational skillset to a higher level application of digital technology.

Thursday, 24th May 2018
11:00 - 12:00
Teaching Room (2.04), Second Floor, Kimberlin Library
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