Welcome to Maths Learning Centre (MLC) tutorials

You can book 1:1 tutorial appointments with the MLC team to get support with Maths and Statistics queries. Our appointments are limited therefore you are encouraged to attend our drop-in sessions for support before booking 1:1 slots if appropriate. 

Free appointments appear below in green. If the slots are red, it means they are booked.

Hover over the info icon next to each staff name to find out more about our specialisation.

You can click on the calendar to view availability on other dates. All tutorial slots open two weeks in advance. If you are unable to get an appointment consider coming to our drop-in sessions which take place in the Collaboratory, Kimberlin Library (the entrance door is opposite the Gateway House): Monday to Friday 12-2pm and Wednesday 12-4pm. Students on any level (undergraduate or postgraduate) studying on any discipline is welcome as almost every course has some level of maths and/or statistics. 

For any other questions, please contact the MLC Team via email at mlc@dmu.ac.uk.