Welcome to the bookings page of the Library Disability Team

Make an appointment to see a member of the Library Disability Team to learn more about how to find your way around the Library and find useful information for your assignments.  Free appointments appear below in green. If the slots are red, it means they are booked. You can click on the calendar to view availability on other dates. New appointment availability will be released every Friday at 4pm.

The Library Disability Team can help you with questions like...

  • How do I find information for my assignments – journal articles, reports
  • How do I log-on to the computers?
  • What’s my PIN number, and what’s it for?
  • Can someone help me find my books?
  • How do I access the lift?
  • How do I use the printers and how do I top-up my credit?
  • What are the different study zones in the library – silent, quiet, group, syndicate and individual study rooms
  • What kind of specialised equipment and assistive technology do we have in the Library
Any other questions, please contact the Library Disability Team via email at libdis@dmu.ac.uk or by telephone on 0116 257 7042. You can also find more information on our Library Guide.