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- Jina Ali

Assistive Technology Software Support
Claro Read (Text-to-Speech)
Texthelp Read & Write (Text-to-Speech/Speech-to-Text)
Dragon (Speech-to-Text)
Glean  (Note-taking)
Pigeon Messenger (Note-taking)
MindView (Mind Mapping)
Inspiration (Mind Mapping)
Mind Genius (Mind Mapping)
ZoomText (Magnification and screen customization)
EquatIO (Digital Maths Tool)

MS365 Office support:
Excel - create tables, work with numbers, analyze MS Forms survey data, dates & calculations
MS Forms - create interactive surveys and questionnaires; export data collected to Excel, access results online
MS Teams - How to use MS Teams (chat, calls, meetings, group chats, calendar); download and install the MS Teams app
MS Whiteboard - online or via the desktop app or in MS Teams meetings (work collaboratively on whiteboards)
MS Word - format Word for report style with numbered headings, add page numbering, captions to figures, generate Table of Contents, two-column journal layout, etc.
Outlook - access your student email, create & accept meeting invites, set tasks, set up notifications, change time zones (distance learners)
Outlook calendar -  Organize activities, meetings, timetabled sessions, tasks, and set up notifications
Onedrive - cloud storage; file sharing and online collaboration; working with documents online and via the desktop app
OneNote - digital notebook and notetaking
PowerPoint - presentations, create infographics, slide animation & transitions, recording
Publisher - layout, design, and create posters, booklets and leaflets
Sway - presentations, blogging
To-Do App - online task app (connects to Outlook tasks and flagged emails)

MS Word 
Word processing & formatting for essays and reports; dictation and transcriptions of audio; insert tables and figures/Images (adding captions); page numbering; use MS Styles; generate Table of Contents; proof-listen written work via the Immersive Reader; copy & paste from Excel and other MS365 Apps, resize images, word wrap, 2-column text formats, export to PDFs

Visual Mapping
MS Visio
Inspiration, MindView and MindGenius

DMU Commons 
WordPress - blogging

Working with images and layout:
Adobe CC - basic queries
Adobe Express - edit images, remove image background, create layouts, graphics, infographics, leaflets, and posters
Adobe Indesign - work with images and create layout, graphics, infographics, leaflets, posters, magazines, interactive PDFs
Adobe Photoshop Express - image colour effects
Paint (Windows) - resize images, screenshots, and basic image edits
MS Publisher - layout, create infographics, leaflets, posters, magazines
Work with images in PowerPoint and Word - crop, resize, and apply effects

Learning Technologies:
LearningZone (VLE)
DMU Replay

Remote Access (online or via client):
Your DMU Labs and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) setup
Access software such as Mind Genius, Inspiration, SPSS and NVivo via YourDMULabs

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Computer Skills
Introduction to Windows computers: desktop, taskbar, file Explorer, setup App shortcuts
Introduction to MacsSound and Camera settings
Customize the mouse in Windows (larger pointer, change color)
File Explorer - File management, Download Folder, copy and move files & folders, unzip folders
Browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) - bookmarks bar, manage bookmarks, save opened tabs for future access
Introduction to Macs Sound and Camera settings

Audio Recording
Record audio in Windows and Macs
Record Audio with MS Word Online
Record and edit Audio with Adobe Audition (basic)

Video Editing
Edit video in Adobe Premiere Rush
Create Videos in Adobe Express (online platform)

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